Angkor Wat

Published 7th December 2015

Did you know Angkor Wat was built with no machines? It took 300,000 labourers, 6000 elephants, 5 million tons of sandstone and 37 years.

Cambodia is home to the incredible Angkor Wat, the most cherished and best-preserved temple in Cambodia and one of the largest religious sites in the world.  We visit Angkor Wat at Camp Cambodia and experience a guided tour of the beautiful heritage site. It really is a must see if you are planning to travel Asia. After all, it’s one of the  seven wonders of the world for a reason!

With a 500-acre site you can spend hours and hours exploring it and admiring it’s magnificence. Angkor Wat was originally dedicated to Vishnu, the Hindu God in the 12th century and ever since then it has been an important place of worship for the people of Cambodia.

Angkor Wat has changed Cambodia in many ways. It is the main reason that more than 50{f4a9d2ca6751f5d3c7b8de772315c2f5379c962e5714435467770c4794e1b8d9} of tourists travel to Cambodia, therefore increasing tourism so much for them. Also in 1850 it became the main element of the Cambodian Flag. Showing how truly important this religious site is to the people of Cambodia.

At Camp Cambodia this site will be quite literally on your doorstep.  Located around the corner from Siem Reap, it couldn’t be closer!

If you’ve been dreaming of visiting Angkor Wat and you want to experience everything Cambodia has to offer then send us an application and who knows, next summer you could be there for real!

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