Want to make an impact at Camp Cambodia?

Camp Cambodia lives by the philosophy, “Work hard! Party Hard! Make an Impact!”

At the start of 2016, Camp Cambodia discovered “My Grandfathers School” that had to close in 2013 due to lack of funding. Upon hearing that over 300 children in the local area had been without education for 3 years, we decided to act. The team managed to restore the school in June 2016, which is now funded and kept open year round.

This has made an incredible difference to the local children and community. Our Camp Cambodia volunteers play a vital part to to this project, by helping us to provide free English teaching to the local kids. Learning English will have life long benefits throughout their lives.

After taking part in Camp Cambodia in October 2016, 11 brave young lads were inspired and decided to shave their heads to further benefit the local children at “My Grandfathers School” and “Agabi School.” They managed to raise £2,120 to buy playground equipment.

Camp Cambodia would like to give special thanks to all the volunteers on the 20th October- 17th November intake 2016, to everyone who donated to this amazing cause and last but not least, the 11 legends who shaved off their precious hair: Dean Hallworth, Tom Chudley, Stefan Cokol, Kimna Nana, George Bylth, Harry Croft, Rob Perrett, Luke O’Neill, Sean Cantillon, Jack Bartholomew and Arthur Bartholomew.

Want to help our cause? Like in the story above, you too can make an impact! If you would like to get involved you can donate today to support the local children at “My Grandfathers” and “Agabi” school. All funds donated, no matter how small will be hugely appreciated. Being such a poor country, it really does go a long way and everything raised will truly benefit the local community. Click the link below to donate now.

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