The night market in Cambodia!

Published 29th September 2016

A walk through the night market is one of the easiest and most entertaining ways of getting to grips with local life in Cambodia- ideal for vintage fashion fanatics or anyone looking for a combination of cheap local food and evening drinks.

Cambodia is home to some of the biggest and arguably the best markets across South East Asia. While bargaining your way through the crowds during the heat of the day can be an adventure in itself, the buzz and energy of the night markets is something not to be missed out on. By Night, the food, drink and live entertainment really do come to life.

There are many night markets to choose from around Cambodia, but a personal favourite of mine would be the Angkor night market. In fact, it actually happens to be the first night market to ever open in Cambodia. The vibrant, local energy mixed with the abundant food selection, not to mention the varied shopping stalls and neatly lined bars made for an incredibly enjoyable experience.

Spread out in most areas of Cambodia, markets offer an unbelievably diverse range of goods and products, snacks and entertainment. After dark shopping opportunities mean incredible bargains in the moonlight…plus, if it really doesn’t suit you, just imagine the Instagram potential!

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