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The shimmering sapphire of South East Asia, Camp Cambodia is the perfect blend of work and play

Whether you’re sampling the nightlife in Phnom Penh, discovering ancient temples or lapping up the spectacular scenery at Phnom Kulen National Park, Cambodia’s range of stunning sites will leave you mesmerised.

Snap elephant selfies whilst volunteering at a local elephant sanctuary, teach English in local schools, partake in local community projects and come nightfall, head into the bustling boulevards to immerse yourself amongst local culture.

Visit the sites of Siem Reap, the capital city of the Siem Reap province and enter a gateway to ancient territory; Siem Reap is inundated with stunning architecture and is one of the prime cultural hotspot of Cambodia; with a host of delectable cuisine, stunning spas and a burgeoning creative cultural scene, visitors will be hard-pressed to find faults with this diverse gem.

Visitors with an appetite for history simply must make time to visit Angkor Wat, the most recognisable and celebrated temple in Cambodia, featured in Tomb Raider! The awe-inspiring structure evokes the history and tradition of Cambodia, while emitting a mysterious aura that continues to draw flocks of visitors annually.

A truly magical country, you’ll be spellbound by the country known affectionately as the Land of Smiles.

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Day 1 – Arrive in Phnom Penh

Hello, and welcome to the beautiful nation of Cambodia! Following your arrival at Phnom Penh International Airport we will be transferring you over to your accommodation during our stay in Phnom Penh.

These transfers will happen throughout the day so feel free to go out for a visit of the surrounding areas while waiting for the rest of your future Camp friends to arrive. In the evening we will hold the orientation for the trip as well as activities and ice breakers.

Day 2 – Free day in Phnom Penh

Today is your free day, you get to go about at your own pace and explore some of the many interesting sites that can be found throughout the Cambodian capital.

From the Royal Palace to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum there is a lot of history and culture to take in from this city. Be sure to ask your reps for any advice on where to go and the best spots visit.

Day 3 – Arrive to Kampot

Welcome Meal, Kampot hostel.

Transfer to the southern city of Kampot known for its globally known peppers. This beautiful city is unlike any other, with the centre being almost entirely made of 19 th century French architecture remaining from the colonial era.

Day 4 – Kampot – Day trip to the beach and pool party!

Enjoy a nice a relaxing day with your new Camp friends, enjoy the warm sea of Cambodia as well as a private pool party only for the participants of Camp, guaranteed to be one of the highlights of the trip.

Day 5 – Kampot – Phnom Chhngok and pepper plantation

Visiting Phnom Chhngok is a great opportunity to understand more about the beautiful culture of Cambodia, this cave temple is an amazing mix of natural beauty with the vast cave systems and the religious and cultural nature of the temple.

Following this, we are taking you to the pepper plantation, where the famous Kampot peppers are grown.

See the gorgeous landscapes of rural Cambodia all while supporting a socially and environmentally sustainable tourism project that is the pepper plantation.

Days 6 – 7 – Kampot

School/Beach – Today we start the cultural exchange aspect of our programme, with
teaching English in Cambodian schools being one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have as you are truly helping the local community and help out children in schools that sadly do not provide the same educational opportunity that we get.

After a long but fun day with the children you get to unwind and enjoy the afternoon with your fellow Camp mates on a nearby beach giving onto the Gulf of Thailand and its warm turquoise waters.

Days 8 – 9 – Kampot – Rabbit Island!

Visit the stunning Rabbit island and relax on a beautiful palm fringed beach – opportunity to get involved in various water sport activities.

Chilled day by the beach for you to top up your tan and enjoy some relaxing moments with your group of friends!

Day 10 – Trip to Oddar Meanchey

Meals Included: Dinner

Transfer over to this mountainous and forested area in North Western Cambodia. In this remote location you will be doing a vast majority of the cultural exchange activities on this programme.

Day 11 – Oddar Meanchey – Khmer culture and language & temple visit

Meals Included: Breakfast and Dinner.

Get a valuable lesson in Khmer, the language of Cambodia, as well as learn about the vast culture the country has to offer.

The cultural experience continues as we visit a local temple getting involved deeper in the local customs and culture.

Days 12 – 14 – Oddar Meanchey – Teaching/Construction

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

For the rest of your stay in Oddar Meanchey, you will be participating in either teacher or construction projects in the area aiming to benefit the local community, an aspect we find incredibly important here at Camp Cambodia.

We always aim to leave a positive impact on the local communities we visit.

Day 15 – Siem Reap – Elephant day!

Meals Included: Breakfast.

Transfer to the region of Siem Reap, just south of Oddar Meanchey. Today is the day that usually becomes the biggest highlight of the programme, a day with elephants.

The elephant sanctuary we work with is carefully selected in order to ensure that it truly helps these gentle giants and tries to provide them with a happy and healthy existence.

Day 16 – Siem Reap – Sunset at Bakheng Mountain

This Hindu and Buddhist temple built at the end of the 9 th century is built in the form of a temple mountain (an architectural structure of Khmer architecture).

Giving an ideal viewpoint for the picturesque sunset, providing a great glimpse of Angkor Wat and the activities prepared for the following day.

Day 17 – Siem Reap – Sunset at world renowned Angkor Wat!

One of the wonders of the world, Angkor Wat, is now within reach. For many this historical site is the symbol of Cambodia (it even appears on the flag).

Being the world’s largest religious site, you will struggle to catch all of it in one day so make the most of this incredible opportunity while there.

Filled with beautiful sculptures throughout the walls and corridors there is beauty to appreciate around every corner, this is without even talking about the gorgeous views of rural Cambodia that surround the site.

Day 18 – Siem Reap – Teaching at Grandfather’s school

This project aims to provide the children of the Sampov Lourn village with quality classes in Khmer, English, Maths and Science.

Your final teaching opportunity on the programme, but just as fulfilling as the others as you yet again truly get to make a lasting positive impact on the local community of Cambodia that has hosted you over the duration of these past three weeks.

Day 19 – Siem Reap

The final full day on Camp, a goodbye dinner will be held to get everyone together for the last fun night and a proper goodbye before the trip back to Phnom Penh and everyone’s flights.

Day 20 – Transport back to Phnom Penh

Camp Location

Camp Cambodia is based In Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Phnom Kulen

Currency: Cambodina Riel/Dollars

Top Attractions: Elephant conservation, Angkor Wat, Pub Street, Grandfather’s House

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You will be staying in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh

Room sizes will vary from 2-4, All rooms are aircon/fan conditioned, some have on-site swimming pools.

*Please note the accommodation is subject to change due to availability*


2021 dates

Not sure what dates you’d like to attend at Camp? Select our ‘Dateless Departure’ option then choose your preferred dates at a later time for extra flexibility!*

*Please note, dates must be selected at least 4 weeks prior to Camp departure & we cannot guarantee that your first choice of dates will be available at the time of booking.

2022 dates

24 Jun – 13 Jul
15 Jul – 03 Aug
05 Aug – 24 Aug

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