What Marketing – The Team Behind Camp Cambodia Online

Published 5th January 2017

Camp Cambodia Is One Of The Fastest Growing Cultural Exchange Programs In The World – Part Of This Success Can Be Awarded To What Marketing Company

Well, you’ve made it this far… so something that the team behind Camp Cambodia’s marketing is working. Believe it or not there are people running the Camp Cambodia Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram accounts around the clock. There are people constantly looking for fun content that we think that you will love! Scouring the deep dark realms of the internet and social media to find the best videos and pictures that connotes to what you, our audience will enjoy, laugh and share with your friends. Who are they? Meet What Marketing Company

To go deeper, this same team are the people that have the challenging task of visiting Camp Cambodia each summer to document, film and gather awesome footage to build into the incredible videos you see flooding our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels showcasing how awesome Camp Cambodia is. This team have been operating from behind the curtains for a long time, but right now they are emerging as a stand-alone, external agency – which is huge news! We’re immensely proud of our team for taking this leap and know that their success off the back of their campaigns and work for us at Camp Cambodia.

Under the guise of What Marketing Company they launched last month, just before 2017, ready to take on new challenges for the new year. Maintaining their base at our home in The Foundry in Salford so they can continue to service our marketing needs, advise where necessary and of course, take care of our video and animation requirements for the many years ahead.

They are providing their clients with services ranging from social media management and growth to videography and animation to influencer marketing campaigns.

We’re really excited to see how they grow over 2017 and will definitely be the ones to watch, already having taken on a host of clients moving forwards What Marketing are going to be a great place for individuals and companies to come and learn how to build their social profiles.

If any of our Camp Cambodia applicants have an interest in journalism, marketing, social media or business development – the guys at What Marketing are looking for game-changing players to work alongside them and drive the business forward. Get in touch with them either through email via info@whatmarketingcompany.com or visit their website www.whatmarketingcompany.com and see what they are up to!




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